Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Painted with spray paint and acrylics, "Up Late" came together over several late nights of experimenting and trying.. Like most of my paintings there's never really a solid plan and this one changed a few times before I decided where it was going..There's lots of texture, brush strokes and spatters mixed with neat blends, small details and tight outlines which hopefully make every inch of the painting interesting to look at..It measures 20 x 32 inches (painted across two 20 x 16 canvasses) and has been finished with a thin layer of clear coat lacquer.. 

I learn something with every painting and I think this one taught me a few things..Guess I'll have to try out a next version with some of these techniques to find out.?. Thanks for looking! 

*If you'd like to own this piece, it's currently available from my EBAY store HERE with worldwide shipping available.. 

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