Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Hand made with a mixture of sculpture and broken toy parts, these figures stand 6 and 4.5 inches tall. Each one is unique, hand painted with acrylics, signed on the back and repping that Maskedman character on their chests. If you'd like to own one, these pieces are now available from my Bigcartel store with worldwide shipping available..

Monday, 2 April 2018


Another amount of time has been spent pushing paint around into the early hours of a few mornings, resulting in this latest painting on canvas.. Measuring a pretty big 118cm x 80cm, this piece was painted with a mixture of spray paint and acrylics and is packed with textures and techniques. Featuring one of those drippy no faced characters with one of the best back packs I've ever seen that can open and close itself and reload you with a fresh can..I wish I had one of those!!
This painting is now available from my ebay store so if you'd like this to hang on your wall ,please head over there now to take a look..

Saturday, 31 March 2018


This 7.5 inch sculpture was one of those pieces that sat unfinished for around a year, didn't look anything like this for most of that time, and eventually got finished because I made myself do it..So having recently attached some arms to the body and feet that stood gathering dust, a resin cast of a Dunny head that sat around was given a human looking chin and a chin strap, which made him look a little bit like he might be plugged into the Oasis, Ready Player One style!

If you've seen the film yet, you might have spotted quite a few paintings in the backgrounds?.I was lucky enough to work on painting these sets thanks to GraffitiArtist.com and having watched it the other night, was pleased to see some of my work get some Spielberg air time, in 3d on the big screen..
The picture below was posted on the official Ready Player One Instagram page with Steve himself, stood by a MadBall that I painted..How cool is that??
Enough about that for now though, I'll do a post about that soon, and just recommend that you go and watch it, because it's very good and full of cool stuff!

Back to the one off thing I made...Being forced to think of interesting things to say about something I've made isn't that easy..It can sometimes make you realize other things about your work or it can make you have to force a connection to a point you may not have known you were trying to make in the first place...However unintentionally ( or was it ) this guy has a Bunny shaped helmet perfect for hunting Easter Eggs, and also has haptic gloves for gripping his spray can with..If you don't know what this means, you haven't seen the film yet or read the book, which is also very good..

So there you have it.. that's how and sort of why this thing exists..If you'd like to own this, it's now available from my Bigcartel store!!

Friday, 23 March 2018


It's been a while since I made any of these Belton label background pieces and that's mainly because I've been working on lots of other stuff and it takes a while to gather enough labels from dead cans to work with..Made mostly with reclaimed materials, the frames have been re sprayed and re fitted with the original glass they've had for many years..The circular one has rounded / curved glass, a bit like a lens, which is cool..Each one has a cut out print of that masked character man, hand finished with an acrylic wash and markers.
If you'd like to own one of these..Both pieces are now available from my ebay store.. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


This 24 x 18 inch canvas is the latest piece of that character I do, painted with spray paint and acrylics..This version is equipped with a trusty spray can, a head full of ideas and a bad attitude. Whose wall will he get up on?

If you'd like to hang this up on your wall, it's currently available from my Ebay store..Take a look around (here)..

Sunday, 11 March 2018


   Recently made and fresh off the desk of makings are these four recycled spray cans with eyes that aren't really real, but might follow you around the room a bit, especially when your back is turned.. Sculpted onto empty cans and hand painted with acrylics before finishing with a coat of clear lacquer.. 

These 20cm tall cans have been pierced with a small hole at the back so they are completely empty and can be posted worldwide without any shipping restrictions. If you'd like to own one of these so you can put your fingers in the finger sized squish marks and feel like your squeezing the life out of a can, they are currently available from my Ebay store priced at £25 each plus postage..

If you'd like see a few more of these sculpted cans I've made over the years, there's now a "Sculpted Cans" gallery on Hoakser.com 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Another one of that guy I sometimes paint got painted on another canvas lately! This one measures 20 x 16 inches and was painted with acrylics over a spray painted background..There's a Hoaks piece being painted in the background and his thinking cap is leaking bits of style, wearing a Wu Tang sweater, just like the first ever version was (that looked nothing like this) drawn around 18 years ago..

Over that time, paintings, toys and sculptures of this character have traveled much further than I ever have.. I wonder where this one will hang? If it's possibly on your wall, take a look in the store because I just put it in there, with worldwide postage available (here)..

Thanks for showing this to your eyes! more stuff coming soon :)

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


This little mob of custom Kidrobot Trikky vinyls are sculpted one of a kind pieces, hand painted with acrylics and finished with a coat of clear lacquer.. Despite the sculpting, their heads and arms still have articulation so can be positioned in a number of ways. If you'd like to own one of these weird looking things, they are now available from my store, sold individually.

Sunday, 4 February 2018


The latest of the drippy no faced paintings just finished getting painted and by the time the paint had dried it ended up looking like this. Based on a loose scribble in the sketch book and painted with acrylics and spray paint, this signed original measures 70 x 50 cm and is currently for sale here..

Friday, 26 January 2018


This 19 x 19 inch piece was painted with spray paint and acrylics onto a piece of reclaimed framed wood. It's a revisited character that I've painted and drawn different versions of before over the years..The green is a bright neon fluorescent (which my camera has struggled to capture properly) so this piece really catches the eye.. Complete with a little HOAKS throwup on the brain, bits of letter styles, spray cans and medicine that can't cure the bug of doing graff, this original signed one of a kind is now available from my store (here).

Saturday, 20 January 2018


This painting was finished the night before I woke up with a stomach ache, which the following morning turned out to be appendicitis and I had to go to hospital and have my appendix removed.. Making this officially the last painting I did with an appendix..It turns out they are useless anyway, and I can still paint and make things without it, I might even be better now? Time will tell..
Anyway, measuring 50 x 40 cm, this piece was painted with spray paint and acrylics based on a drippy no faced scribble in the sketchbook.
With the original painting having sold not long after it was put in my store,  A3 prints of this painting are now currently available..All of them are signed and numbered andlimited to 25 pieces so take a look in the store if you'd like to own one..

Friday, 19 January 2018


This little custom "Paint Eater" Dunny wishes he hadn't wondered what flavour it was..Now he might have the skwits in the morning.. Made whilst I recovered from having my appendix removed and being allergic to the antibiotics I was prescribed..
Currently available from the store, this little guy still has all of his articulation (head and arms) despite all of the sculpting and was hand painted with acrylics and sealed with a coat of lacquer.
If you'd like him in your collection, you can find him in my Bigcartel store now..

To see more of my custom vinyl toys, check out the gallery section here..

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Something I've been busy learning and developing over the last year is working with clay to make ceramic objects that can be used to drink from or keep things inside.. Pictured above are a batch of hand built sculptures I made after being fired once and glazed, ready for their final firing in the kiln..It's a fun and lengthy process from start to finish working with ceramics and as the glazes transform so much in the kiln, every piece that comes out is a surprise..

Pictured below are a few examples of some finished works, all of them are slab built and unique.. If you'd like to see more there is now a whole new section of photographs in the gallery section of my website ( here) ..

As mentioned above, if you'd like to see more pictures of my ceramic work take a look in the new gallery section on my site which I've been updating lately..There's currently a few pieces available in my store too if you'd like to own one..

Thanks for taking the time to check this out..
More one of a kind ceramic stuff coming soon!!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Standing a shiny 7 inches tall, these one of a kind glossy painted resins of that guy I do have been sprayed with a controlled speckle effect with a fat cap and given several coats of gloss lacquer to pop out the details.. Cast in resin from an original sculpture and complete with five points of magnetic articulation, the head,arms and feet can be detached and turned / positioned in a number of ways.

If you'd like one of these for your shelf please head over to my Bigcartel store because that's where you can find them..


These one of a kind Wu repping nozzle faced figures have a detachable magnetic head which can be turned to face any direction you want to direct it at, especially at your face...Cast in resin, hand painted to look guilty with acrylics and finished with clear lacquer..Standing 4 inches tall, each figure is unique and now available from my Bigcartel store..  

Monday, 16 October 2017


Another one of those paintings got finished off last week in the shape of this one, The Equipped.. Other than being a nice word to say, equipped was the chosen word for this piece for a few different reasons, none of which were thought about until I'd finished and had to name it for reasons such as this blog post, and so there's not another file called hoakserpainting.jpg on my computer...Anyway here's some ramble to spark some insight into this piece which is full of styles and techniques that I've managed to equip myself with over the years.Painted with whatever equipment was available at the time without the use of proper equipment like an easel or really expensive "art materials" from "art shops". A nod to those who remain anonymous and go equipped with a plan to paint trains and to everyone who probably scribbles their ideas down on a piece of equipment to equip themselves with a better style... That's probably enough words, below are some more pictures and some more words about where you might be able to buy this from.

If you'd like to own this piece to make one of your walls look more interesting than the others, it measures 90cm x 60cm and is now available from my store ( here ) 

Monday, 2 October 2017


Another canvas painted, another blog post with some words typed out about it.. As you can see, it's another of those drippy no faced ones and as usual, it's an original character painted with spray paint and acrylics. 

Measuring 90 x 60 centimeters, each middle finger measures a massive 15 centimeters and as you can see there are two of them which take up quite a lot of space.. 
This piece has just been made available in my store (here) for anyone who would like to own it..
Thanks for looking..


More paint on canvas of another drippy no faced guy with a big sack of style got finished last week.  Rammed full of all the tricks and techniques from my bag of tricks..tags, dubs, bubbles, drips, splats, fades, clean lines, characters, shadows, highlights and a little bit of wild style, all got crammed in to this one.. Painted with spray paint and acrylics, the orange and pink are bright fluorescent / neon tone which pings more than most cameras can handle.. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.. It's a shame I haven't written loads more words about why I painted this or what paint I used and why.. None of that's really important anyway, if you like it you like it, if not then don't.. That's probably enough words for now, but here's a few more in case you wanted to be that one person to swap this for some money and call it there own..
So if you'd like to own this or another one of my paintings, they're usually sold in my ebay store (here) with global / combined shipping available, take a little look if you want to with this direct item link (here)