Thursday, 5 January 2017


One of my resolutions this year is to spend more time doing the stuff I don't really like, such as writing about myself (blogging), self promoting everything I get up to and all admin stuff I try not to do..So with that being said here's some brief ramblings about my year..
Looking back 2016 was a good year and lots of fun , productive stuff went down.. Some of the years highlights  was the short video EBAY made about my work..The BRUMSPIRIT " We're In This Together" wall painted with Beirut twins ASHEKMAN and local legend ZUKI. A secret project I can't share with you until 2018! Painting at Break Mission hip hop festival with some legends and meeting my favorite rapper CHESTER P.. 

During the year I also put out a small army of custom toys and resins,most of which are now sat around the world on peoples shelves, as well as the hundreds of cans I recycled and painted.. Canvases are hanging in places I've never been and my studio walls are currently bare... A huge thanks for everybody's custom, support and help last year, I'm hoping to do more, bigger better things with this one.. 

Anyway, Happy New Year if you are reading this!! Here's my last wall of the year.. Freestyled in the cold on paint that didn't dry on the eve of new years eve.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


It's been a busy few weeks with the run up to Christmas as orders of custom name cans are being sent out on a regular basis along with a few resin customs and the odd print..Some of those MaaadCans I've been posting about have been sent around the world lately..(it's mad to think they could be out there probably wrapped with a bow under a tree already)
I've been enjoying making these pieces and after tracking down some real looking eyes and teeth to incorporate into the sculpts, I've recently finished these 5 and put them in my store...

Sunday, 4 December 2016


One of the main reasons I started teaching myself how to sculpt years ago was so I could make my graffiti characters into objects.. This character "the maskedman" has been taking up space with my name on for as long as I can remember and has traveled to places I've never been or may never go..

These 5 inch hand painted resins are the latest versions of that character and come presented in hand finished gift boxes with stickers..Each one is unique, painted with acrylics and finished with a coat of satin lacquer and has a detachable magnetic head which can be positioned to face any direction you like.. If you know someone who might deserve one of these this Christmas, they are available from my Bigcartel store, priced at £50 each..


More one of a kind painted spray can sculptures have been finished recently..This set above is already on it's way to France but due to how much I'm enjoying making these, there are more that became available yesterday..
These cans can be found in my Ebay store..Overseas sales are possible by using the global shipping program so they can work out the best shipping price for you.. click HERE to take a look arond...

THE CAN CONTROLLER pt2 featuring one of those MAAADCANS..

This double canvas piece was painted a few weeks ago after spending a lot of time focusing on those Maaadcans..Painted mostly with acrylics and some spray paint, this signed original is now up in my store HERE.... Each canvas measures 12 x 9 inches and has been clear coated with a satin lacquer..

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

TOY LINERS resin vandals

   Fresh to the store this week is a line of "not toys" called TOYLINERS..
For those that don't already know, a "Toy" in graffiti terms is someone who isn't that good, has a weak style and sloppy handstyle. hasn't had much practice or put in any work and probably doesn't understand the unwritten rules of graffiti yet.. These toys often find themselves getting crossed out, lined or gone over..It's just how it is.. 

   In terms of these toy looking objects me and lots of other people produce which get labelled as "toys" or "designer toys" ( and loads of other titles that attempt to explain what they are) they aren't really toys, in the sense that they weren't necessarily made to be played with.. That being said, most of the time it's the closest word that sort of describes what they look like, hence the name ToyLiners.. (If you'd like to see more of the not really toy things I'm waffling about, I recommend checking out and the ToyChronicle blog for a quick eye opener.) 

Cast in resin and hand painted with acrylics, these 4 inch figures have detachable magnetic heads and come presented in custom vandalized boxes with free stickers inside.. 
They'll be available this Friday 18th November at 7.00pm (UK time) priced at £40 each from my Bigcartel store..Only one of each piece is available, head over to the store to take a closer look..

Monday, 31 October 2016

MINI MAAAD CANS .. resin spray cans series one..

If you follow me on any of my social media sites you've probably seen a few progress posts of these things slowly taking over my desk.. Cast in resin from original sculpts, these mini Maaad Cans are one of a kind pieces that get the same paint treatment as my normal sized versions on real empty cans (see more here). The first series of these much smaller 3.5 inch resins are finally finished which means they're ready to be claimed and do the honors of getting up in peoples space.
 All of them are signed, unique pieces, painted with acrylics and spray paint before finishing with a coat of clear lacquer..The final cherry on top is selecting a used nozzle from a stash of hoarded blocked caps that compliment or match the color scheme of the cans. 

There's 5 of each of the two characters available for the first series, with more versions currently being worked on for future releases..Each figure comes boxed with stickers, priced at £25.00 each plus postage from my Bigcartel store.
Available this Friday 4th November at 7.00pm BST ( UK time zone ) 

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Not sure if anyone would have noticed but it's been a few months since I last posted anything up on the blog.The main reason being is that my new little apprentice (Dog the cat) wasn't computer trained when I took him in and would make it his mission to chase the onscreen mouse whenever I tried to do any kind of computer work. Or he would just want to sit on the keyboard and press combinations of buttons that would make my computer do weird things? Anyway, he's grown up a little bit now and understands how important it is for me to be able to use a computer to show you my work. I'll try and catch up with a few posts about what I got up to over the summer but for now I just wanted to share these new custom can sculpts I've been working on lately..

Each one is unique and sculpted onto empty depressurized spray cans before painting with spray paint and acrylics. These one of a kind customs have been taking over the studio over the last few weeks and some of these are currently available from my store at varying prices, depending on how long each one took to complete..Prices usually range from £25 to £40 per can.

If you'd like to own a MaaadCan for your own amusement you should head over to the STORE to see what's available at the moment. (other pieces and store links can be found on my website HERE

COMING SOON! There are more sculpts in progress on the work bench as well as a much smaller resin version of this concept that's almost ready for release.. so if you'd like a smaller hand painted resin MaaadCan the first 2 versions will be made available over the next week..Here's a little preview of those..


Monday, 16 May 2016


This sculpted lettering piece sits in a 57cm x 47cm frame and was created with clay on hardboard before being painted with spray paint and acrylics.. I wanted the piece to look burnt out like it had been on fire once. After several stages of sculpting, sanding, painting and weathering over several days I was finally happy with how it looked..
This piece is an original three dimensional canvas that is signed and ready to hang.. I've just listed this piece in my Ebay store so if you'd like a closer look, or to possibly own it, head over there by clicking this link..

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Those of you who know me personally, probably know how I'm not a fan of having a camera pointed at me...A few weeks ago I was contacted by a film crew on behalf of Ebay who wanted to feature me and my work for a short video..After figuring I'd regret not doing it as the exposure would be good, I agreed and braved the lens..My Ebay store's back up and running with a new store name (hoakserdotcom_1) and the video is now up on YouTube for you to check out. 
Biggupps to Panda for hookin up the spot and making an appearance. Proud to rep for my city, hopefully I come across like I sometimes know what I'm doing! Thanks to Jo, Josh and Dave for their camera skills and patience.. Here's what they came up with to showcase some of what I do.. LINK

smile emoticProud to rep for my city!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Over the years my Maskedman character has gone through loads of developments, mainly on walls and other flat surfaces.. Having sculpted this guy a few times in the past and finally making the first resin version available around 2 years ago, I thought it was time for another attempt..Now version 2 exists and he's 5 inches tall, can turn his head and there's already 3 of them..

As the skills develop so does the character..As my sculpting skills aren't on the same level as my drawing and painting, what I can achieve in clay is still limited.With that in mind and to make things slightly easier with the mold process, I decided to make this version less detailed and slightly chunkier than the previous sculpt... 

The first three casts came out of the mold with no major problems, and after fixing the magnets into place and filling any small holes with sculpting putty, these guys were ready for sanding and painting..

These first three will be in the store on Friday 22nd April for £50.00 each.. Other one of a kind painted versions will be happening over the next few months but no two will ever be the same.. Head over to the store if you'd like to own one of these custom resins and have the Maskedman take up some space in your space!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


New in the store this week is this gang of unique custom mashups made with recycled toy parts, found objects and modelling clay.. Each one is a unique hand painted character with no articulation, all freestyled sculpts with no plans to what they might be, until they've been made..These latest four new models all have wires connecting their hearts to their heads and they are all available individually from my Bigcartel store, priced between £20 and £25 each.. Check them out below or click the links to view them in more detail in store..

This guy, 'From The Heart' sprays whatever he feels and it all comes from deep inside.. Standing 3 inches tall this grimy looking dude has clearly been busy getting up and isn't ready to stop yet.

'Don't Think Feeel' was cobbled together and ended up in a weird Bruce Lee looking stance so that's how I painted him. Trained in the art of fighting without fighting, this guy gets up faster than the eyes can see and makes it look easy.. Must be all the training and zen like focus he's acquired over the years..

 This guilty pirate looking vandal 'Me Heartys' has sailed the seven seas for no reason other than to write his name in places people might see it..

The guilty looking 3.5 inch tall 'Just Done It' , is wearing his favorite Nike swoosh top and now balling in the store after getting up around town.


 Last week I painted this piece for our friends in Brazil to be shown at CaosArte festival in Sao Paulo at the end of the month. With this years Brum Spirit festival around the corner, CaosArte and Brum Spirit have teamed up to exchange cultural coolness and we decided to incorporate our city's skyline as a backdrop for the word SAO PAULO. In response, an artist from Sao Paulo will be doing something similar with the word Birmingham appearing somewhere in the city..How cool is that!!

Painted in just over 2 hours from start to finish,this piece was freestyled as darkness fell over Digbeth.. Despite painting this spot in the daytime before, the land has recently been bought and just after I blacked out the boards a car park security guy asked that I stopped as "graffiti is no longer tolerated here"..After he left and went home later that evening, what we set out to do was achieved and this is the end result.. To document the process I made a short video of this piece coming together which is now up on my YouTube channel.. The following day Some Cities went and took some really nice shots ( better than my one above) to capture the piece in it's surroundings to be shown at the festival with my video.. Big thanks to Brum Spirit for getting me involved and biggupps to all our friends in Brazil..Hope you like it and enjoy the festival..

Monday, 21 March 2016


Another SkreenFace resin custom got finished up over the weekend.. Cast in four parts with magnets inside, this guy has articulation in his arms and head, also the wire can also be held in different positions which is fed through a hole in his hand..
Equipped with his can of 94 and an attitude to start a revolution, this 6 inch tall chunk of resin is a one of a kind piece which is now available from the store, along with a few other versions of this character..

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Standing 4 inches tall, CHOKLOTZ the goofy easter bear bunny is a confused creature.. All he knows is he likes chocolates, and lots of them...
This one of a kind resin cast creation is a mash up of a Dunny and my own sculpted character, DribbleLips the bear.. With some facial features sculpted on, he was then hand painted with acrylics before sealing with lacquer. Now available from the store, head over to my Bigcartel to take a closer look..

Thursday, 17 March 2016


VandalFace is looking guiltier than ever before with this new painted version on a custom made base. Standing around 6.5cm tall, cast in resin, except for his nozzle which be taken off and positioned at any angle.. Hand painted with acrylics and sealed with clear lacquer, this little dude is a unique custom ready to take some space up somewhere..Head over to the store if you want to pick this custom up...


These two resin versions of a character who's been with me for well over a decade are now available in the store... Standing just under 4.5 inches tall, cast from an original sculpt, these neon glossy versions have been spray painted and given several glossy clear coats to leave them with a smooth shiny finish.. Every version of this character satisfies me differently, whether it's a painting on a wall or a scribble in a book.. For some reason I just like to see this guy out there.. No two of this resin figure have ever been the same, and these two are no exception.. You can see more of this guy and my other resin creations in the portfolio section of my site.. If you want to snag one of these, head over to my Bigcartel store to take a closer look..


This little custom "MunnyGrip" was made with recycled toy parts, sculpted together and hand painted with acrylics.. Standing 2.5 inches tall, this grimy little object with a golden handshake and the arm of a kidrobot munny is now available from the store, along with a few other similar kit bashed creations..