Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More Gundam Graffiti Bombers!!

    There's 2 more to add to the crew... Slightly smaller and with less articulation than the one in my last post, but still standing around 20cm tall on their bases they are mounted to, are these beaten up future graff writers.. Made by following a construction kit with hundreds of bits, and a few Chinese instructions, then adapting and weathering it before painting..

   First up is the one with a massive gun, a shield and an evil looking set of battle damaged armour.Out of all of them so far, I'd say this one is the baddie..

  The second custom is this one with wings.He stands just shy of 20cm tall with the base, but has a huge wingspan to make up for it...

Anyone wanting to buy these should head over to my STORE .. They are available for £59.99 each, plus postage.. 

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