Sunday, 26 January 2014


Last week, art students from Perry Beeches Academy took part in a graffiti workshop at their local fire station in Perry Barr..  West Midlands Fire Service got behind their project and supplied us with a Mercedes to spray up with road safety messages that were chosen by the young people previously.
Crossing the road whilst listening to music with headphones on... and... not parking on zig zagged areas outside of school, seemed to be the main focus of their ideas. I planned a rough idea out of something we could complete in the timescale given and with the need for it to be bright and eye catching, we got busy.

one of the students filling in some letters

In just over 5 hours we prepped and painted the whole thing and at the end of play it looked like this..

All the students did a great job and worked really hard on this, and it shows. It will be parked outside of their school and in other locations across Birmingham to bring attention to the dangers by making people think about listening while crossing and where they park outside of school.
It's always nice to be involved in something positive and it was a great idea that the students enjoyed.. Thanks to the students of Perry Beeches, their art teacher Miss Clayton and the guys at Perry Barr Fire Service for making us all welcome.. 

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