Wednesday, 2 April 2014


 New to the store, following Old Hycote's release a few days ago are 3 more can sculpts with magnetic articulation.. They each have separate leg bases which allows for articulation at the waist too.. All individually sculpted and painted, these guys are one off versions of a smaller similar, resin piece I plan on creating soon..

From left to right there is Mr.Big 500 - who was made around a 500ml can and is 11.5 inches tall.. Montana - who used to be a can of 94 standing 9.5 inches tall... Racked - who was made on a can of cheap crap pound land paint, he is 8.5 inches tall.. And Old Hycote - made on a can of old Hycote who is 7 inches tall..

 Unlike most of my other can customs, the latest 3 have been burst open before any work started, so they should be ok to send overseas..Tight restrictions on sending aerosols in transit have meant that any one outside of the UK can't get their hands on any of my cans. They are no longer an aerosol cans, and with clear labels for the post man, stating that they have been burst before working on them, I am told this will be ok to send overseas.

These guys are now in my Bigcartel store  so head over to there if you want to see them in more detail.. 

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