Sunday, 28 September 2014


A very long time ago when I first started practicing graffiti I drew my first masked character that became the Maskedman character I draw and paint today..Over the years he's been through some changes and has appeared on an uncountable amount of  surfaces. Several years ago when I started to sculpt and customize toys, making a Maskedman figure was the first thing I wanted to do for obvious reasons..Due to the lack of skill and knowledge I had / have in this department it took some time to learn to make this happen.Years later, after getting slightly better at sculpting and learning a bit about the processes involved in casting resin, I finally have the first batch of Maskedman pieces available in 5 different colours, limited to 5 of each..

The sculpt itself was worked on over a long period of time in between everything else..You can read more about that here....
 All pieces have been spray painted with a two tone haze, signed and splatted so no two are the same.. Finished with a high gloss lacquer to allow the light to pick out the details.. Each piece comes with a mini matching can of paint and comes bagged with a sticker.. Finally, they will be available to order on Monday 29th September from my Bigcartel store..HERE..

As an added bonus, the first ten Maskedmen to leave the store come with a hand painted magnet slap for your fridges..

He stands 11cm tall (just under 4.5 inches) and will be priced at £25 plus postage.Only 5 of each colour have been made so get in quick if you want a certain colour. To see these in more detail or to order yours, head over to my store Other colours are planned and some hand painted full colour ones can also be expected in the future too..

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