Wednesday, 10 September 2014


     Something I've been working on for months and months in between everything else is this guy.. A little version of my Maskedman character.. Standing just under 4.5 inches tall, the original was sculpted with milliput..After spending so long on working on him, I decided to do something with this piece and turn him into a small army of resin replicas..

My lack of skill in molding and casting saw a few minor hiccups with a few air bubbles that had to be sorted out and filled in, but overall, everything seemed to work out quite well.. 

Half way through making the first run of ten "they need spray cans" popped into my head so it had to happen.. My mold was set and the pouring of resin continued.Most of them came out without a nozzle on the can for some reason, but that's fine..As Bob Ross always used to say, "there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents"

  With air bubbles now filled in, sanded and ready for paint, these guys should be ready for the store over the next two weeks.. Fow now, I can announce that there will be a few different colour variants available in a limited run of 5 of each. They will come bagged and tagged, each with a mini can matching the figures colour, and a unique hand drawn magnet slap for your fridges shown below..

If you want to know more about progress and expected release dates you should follow me on Instagram @hoakser..or any other social media link you can find on my website..

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