Thursday, 22 October 2015


This guy, SkreenFace is my latest resin creation fresh out the mold,the first two are now finished, and there's a few more in production, almost ready for paint..
Standing 6 inches tall, this can holding dude has magnetic articulation in his arms and head allowing for different poses.. With loads of ideas for paint jobs, I'm planning on painting a few of these up and using this is as my own platform to work on for a few one off customs..A possibility for requests where you could choose a movie/computer game/tv character on the screen for me to paint could be an option...then there's the chest space on the sweater..this could also be customized or personalized.. (Message me if you'd be interested in a custom paint job of this character..)

So... with paint on they look a little bit like the ones below..Painted with the classic Wild Style movie piece, this film inspired and taught countless people about hip hop and graffiti culture.These guys have got paint, and are good to go..

They'll be available from the bigcartel store tomorrow, 23rd October.. Limited to one of each.. details announced on Instagram @hoakser

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