Friday, 24 February 2017


The third series of Defaced Skelevex are here after being trusted again to customize/vandalize some more of these cool little resin platforms.. Designed by DMS and ALTO and produced by DMS, these 3" long objects are all one of a kind pieces covered in tags and my grimy graff..I try to make every millimeter of these look interesting with layers of faded tags, blends and drips before weathering and clear coating. As with the other series, these were loads of fun to do. Skelevex is such a cool shape to work on and the amount of angles is insane.. Check out some of DMS's other Skelevex pieces on Instagram using the #skelevex hashtag .. and also in his store linked below..

Series 3 will be available tonight at 7:30 GMT from DMS's STORE priced at £14.99 each plus shipping.. Thanks for reading!

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