Monday, 16 October 2017


Another one of those paintings got finished off last week in the shape of this one, The Equipped.. Other than being a nice word to say, equipped was the chosen word for this piece for a few different reasons, none of which were thought about until I'd finished and had to name it for reasons such as this blog post, and so there's not another file called hoakserpainting.jpg on my computer...Anyway here's some ramble to spark some insight into this piece which is full of styles and techniques that I've managed to equip myself with over the years.Painted with whatever equipment was available at the time without the use of proper equipment like an easel or really expensive "art materials" from "art shops". A nod to those who remain anonymous and go equipped with a plan to paint trains and to everyone who probably scribbles their ideas down on a piece of equipment to equip themselves with a better style... That's probably enough words, below are some more pictures and some more words about where you might be able to buy this from.

If you'd like to own this piece to make one of your walls look more interesting than the others, it measures 90cm x 60cm and is now available from my store ( here ) 

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