Saturday, 31 March 2018


This 7.5 inch sculpture was one of those pieces that sat unfinished for around a year, didn't look anything like this for most of that time, and eventually got finished because I made myself do it..So having recently attached some arms to the body and feet that stood gathering dust, a resin cast of a Dunny head that sat around was given a human looking chin and a chin strap, which made him look a little bit like he might be plugged into the Oasis, Ready Player One style!

If you've seen the film yet, you might have spotted quite a few paintings in the backgrounds?.I was lucky enough to work on painting these sets thanks to and having watched it the other night, was pleased to see some of my work get some Spielberg air time, in 3d on the big screen..
The picture below was posted on the official Ready Player One Instagram page with Steve himself, stood by a MadBall that I painted..How cool is that??
Enough about that for now though, I'll do a post about that soon, and just recommend that you go and watch it, because it's very good and full of cool stuff!

Back to the one off thing I made...Being forced to think of interesting things to say about something I've made isn't that easy..It can sometimes make you realize other things about your work or it can make you have to force a connection to a point you may not have known you were trying to make in the first place...However unintentionally ( or was it ) this guy has a Bunny shaped helmet perfect for hunting Easter Eggs, and also has haptic gloves for gripping his spray can with..If you don't know what this means, you haven't seen the film yet or read the book, which is also very good..

So there you have it.. that's how and sort of why this thing exists..If you'd like to own this, it's now available from my Bigcartel store!!

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