Tuesday, 23 July 2019

KEEPERS OF THINGS - New ceramics

More ceramic keepers of things that have recently been picked up after their final stage of firing -have just been added to the stores...Each one is hand built and individually made and sculpted with their own unique goofy looking face.. Varying in size and shape, these weird but potentially useful objects weren't made for any particular reason.. They are food safe however and glazed with a bright gloss finish on their insides just in case you did want to eat cereal or drink coffee from them instead of keeping your pens in one place...The outsides (apart from the eyes and teeth) have a matte finish which are heavily textured with sculpted in cracks etc and glazed with a mixture of cobalt blue and red oxide applied in thin washes..

If you like sipping coffee from small one of a kind cups like an absolute boss or prefer eating cereal from a square bowls that no one else has, rather than keeping your pens organized - you might want one of these or know somebody who would ? All of them are now available from my etsy store (here)...

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