Monday, 30 September 2019


Like the title suggests, I've been working like a man possessed recently on quite a few of these possessed looking spray cans..Each one of them is an original sculpture which has been hand painted with spray paint and acrylics and given glossy eyes, dribble and teeth that glisten in the light.. To finish them off, they have all been topped with a used / blocked nozzle that has a complimentary color dribbling out of it...

Why Do They Exist?

Recycling my never ending pile of empty cans and blocked nozzles into affordable objects has been a big part of my work for many years..During that time of development and experimenting I've gradually tried to speed up the making process, while working out a style / formula that I enjoy doing, having worked out lots of things that didn't work or took way too much time..Over the last month, more than 30 of them have been made and added to the stores, with several of them already being claimed and becoming somebody's personal possession..I like the idea that their insides have been sprayed up a wall until there was nothing left to squeeze out of them , yet they will probably be around / live for way longer than most of the stuff that came out of them..The majority of the work created with their paint will either be covered over at some point or fade away over time...I lost count a long time ago how many cans I've worked on over the years, but I'd like to think the majority of them are still out there with my name on it, doing their thing..
(If you'd like to see a few more sculpted cans from over the years, checkout the sculpted cans page on my site - here.. )

How Are They Made?..

I often get asked how to make these so one day I might make a little video of the process ( let me know if you'd like to see that?)  But basically without going into too much detail, they are made by sculpting with air drying clay onto an empty spray can which has been burst open with a small hole to depressurize the can (mainly for postage reasons) and to make sure they are totally empty.. The eyes and teeth are made with baked super sculpey as this clay is much firmer and easier to make look smooth..Each can is embossed / signed with the Hoakser patch before being dried and painted with spray paint and acrylic washes to pick out the details and make them look weathered and dirty..The eyes and teeth are glossed so they glisten in the light along with some added dribble.. 

Where to get them..

If you'd like one in your life to make your shelf surface look slightly cooler than it did before, take a look in my Etsy and Ebay stores as there are some available in each at the moment..Some are sold as sets but most are sold individually with worldwide shipping and FREE UK postage...

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