Sunday, 3 July 2011

big teef dunny


My newest custom vinyl toy is this kidrobot 8" dunny.. After hours of sculpting and painting, he's finally done..

  Complete with massively big teeth and gums, exposed brains, a stiched ear, boils, some flesh wounds, an axe in the stomach, a willy, toenails,blood drips, and butt cheeks with your name tattooed on them...

  I started by slapping clay on his face and freestyling his features.. The teeth came from a lollypop dummy that I bought specially to use for this..The lolly wasn't that nice, the sweet tasted like plastic... But the teeth were well worth it..

  It took a few sessions to finish because I had to let things dry.. The head and arms can still be rotated..

If anyone's interested in giving him a home, he might be for sale.. Comissioned pieces also available..
More coming soon... Thanks for looking..


  1. Love the axe imbedded in his chest!

  2. That bunny is sik man! lol its awesome keep up the berner werk!