Wednesday, 10 August 2011



My latest custom is this 21" toy2r qee that I've customized into this evil savaged bunny.. After probably over a year of having the blank sat waiting, I finally decided I was ready to put some time into this.. Having almost started a few times before, I decided that if I was going to start, I wouldn't stop till it was finished.Only for food and sleep and the odd bit of socializing. As most artists probably do, I have loads of unfinished projects, paintings and drawings taking up space, so I started knowing it was going to take me a while and that it wouldn't be left unfinished..
   This took me the best part of a week to complete. A few late nights and a few hours each day inbetween drying times and other things I had going on..To keep me focused I kept taking progress shots, so I could look at it and think about what to change and to see how it had developed... I didnt have a sketch or an idea down, I think I work better freestyle, so I dont think about stuff too much untill I start...It was always going to be an evil bunny, I just wasn't sure how it would look..
   I worked on this in stages as I had to allow for the sculpting to dry and set before working on other areas. Because of the size of it and extra weight added, it now weighs the same as a small child, so it was slightly awkward to work on at times and gave me arm ache more than once..
   After hours and hours, I'm finally happy to have this project completed and with how he turned out. The scuplting took longer than the paint job did. I tried to include some extra details with this custom as I had more space to work on..The knife in the belly can be removed and his lips are capable of holding a cigarette..The head and arms can still be turned and his feet are sporting nikes..
   After all that work, this week I taught myself how to make a slideshow video..yaay..  (while the U.K rioted) so  I've put together a short video of all the progress shots, including some real nice professional shots my good friend Simon Price took.. (thanks bro).. Have a look, see what you think.. Now I know how to do that, you can expect to see more in future..

   This will be for sale.. feel free to make me an offer if you want this in your collection... thanks for looking...


   FULL SCREEN VERSION click here..

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