Tuesday, 13 September 2011


   A couple of days ago Flake put together a nice little jam for us to paint at.. We got there early to find already emulsioned walls and a few people already started.. The weather managed to stay on our side after nearly raining, with a few gale force winds causing mini tornadoes in the corner I was painting in.. I took a few flicks from the day, heres what went down..

freestyled mark up..hoax..

fluid crackin on..

the early birds..

hoax progress...

whole wall done.... zooki, me, flake fluid...

brick city by zed..scroll and character by zooki..burninem by flake...




most dominant species..mentally developed styles.. hoakser..

skeme and austin..

    Big thanks to flake http://www.graffitiartist.co.uk/ for hookin it up and looking after everyone..With talks of this becoming a more regular thing, that can only be good news for our graff scene.The place almost reminded me of sellyoak,which still needs saving..We still could if enough of us get our heads together more often like this..Maybe we all should?
   Biggups to everyone who attended.. (in no order) flake, zooki, zed, title, reas, mensa, trik,neus,kesh-(my photo came out blured of your wall..will add when someone uploads one) trauma,skeme,austin,prize,kayko,page,arest and fluid..

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