Wednesday, 23 November 2011

gundam graff bomber number 4..

  This is my newest Gundam graff bomber, I thought I'd try something a bit different with this one.. I made him whilst making numbers 2 and 3, then got distracted with other things I had going on..When I got back to it, I decided to mount him on a base, surrounded by rubble, bits of twisted metal and nozzles etc..
  Like all my others, this was a self assembly figure that I put together and modified..I painted him with a shiny metallic rusty worn out look, and built the bombed out scenery around his feet..He stands about 6" tall and  is signed and numbered, completely unique and up for grabs..
   He will be up for sale from my EBAY store.....So if you like him, you know where to find him...

   Other versions are available from my BIGCARTEL store and have attracted some good attention so far..Number 1 was quickly snapped up by the guys at TRU:TEKNOLOGY, who then wrote a really nice article about me.. You can read this here...  They then followed that up with an interview which you can read here.. Big thanks to Niall for putting that together..

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