Friday, 2 December 2011

"DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS" graffiti vs art

   This is an old framed picture that I have painted onto and adapted into a new, but old piece of art..I have been doing these for a while, I painted this one earlier this year..There is a photograph of how this piece looked before I started and some mid way through..There's quite a few details, like the painty handprints on the boys trousers..

This is how it looked before I started..I didn't really plan out too much what I wanted to do until I made a start.Most of my work is freestyled...After some thought I tried to paint the piece on the wall as if the boy was a beginner at spray painting and had no can control.His piece is drippy and has wobbly lines on purpose...His younger sister was fascinated (as most kids are), especially with the can of pink paint..There is the sketch on the floor which he must have copied from.. for more like this look me up on google, hoakser.. and check out the pre-graffalites section...


  1. Wicked stuff rude bwoy....

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  3. This look really great. Wonderful sketching!!!