Wednesday, 7 December 2011

KISS MY FATCAP.. cheech hoax 3..

 This is the third cheechoakser canvas I mentioned in yesterdays post of cheech hoax 1 and 2..
   I worked on all 3 at the same time.. Numbers 1 and 2 have SOLD already... This one is about to go up for sale and will be available from my EBAY store..

  I handpainted the character in acrylics over an abstract background of paint splats, drips and tags built up in spray paints..There is an impression of a tree in the background too..

This box canvas measures 50cm x 50cm and is 4cm deep..It is signed, titled and numbered..get it while you can if you like it...

There may be more soon, they seem to get on..

Long live cheech wizard!

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