Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Painting. Religious Studies...

   This is my newest piece I've been working on lately, it's finally finished and framed..I've called it "Religious Studies"..
   I chose this title because of the obvious religious looking figure in the piece, and because I'm not religious at all. Don't get me started on why I'm not - each to their own.. 
Graffiti is my religion - meaning I do it religiously..I study it hard, the same way you should if you believe in something.. 
   I had a rough idea of what I wanted to try and do when I first saw this picture, but I never really plan a painting out too much..I knew I wanted it to look like everything belonged there, maybe the Priest is blessing my work? 
   I included loads of details in this piece, look for some of my masked man custom cans, some KIDROBOT  vinyls (a dunny and a fatcap) sketches on paper and a sketch book with a tiny "ohell my name is" sticker, some spray paint and a few more for you to discover yourselves..To graffiti artists the book SUBWAY ART is our Bible, it was the first book, the reason why graffiti exploded,so I had to include that as it fitted so well..

    The piece measures 28cm tall and 23cm wide.. In its original frame which I re-sprayed black and clear coated, it measures 31cm x 26.5cm.. The original piece before I vandalised it was by Nicolaes Maes (1634 - 1693) and was titled "An Old Woman Praying".. and I hope it wasn't valuable!! Here's how it looks before and after..

To see a few more paintings like this by me, check out the PRE-GRAFFALITES section of my website.. Prints of some of these will be available soon.. This piece will be for sale, a few people have asked me for "dibs" on first refusal of this style painting so it's not going on sale just yet.. If you are interested or want to be added to that list let me know and drop me an email
Thanks for looking..

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