Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Calvin "The Cutter" Klein figure 8 of the Dominant Species

  This is the eighth custom in the Dominant Species clan... Calvin "The Cutter" Klein is the guy who gains access to all those locked train yards..The chainsaw isn't there for violent reasons,he's an artist not a serial killer.. He mainly uses it to cut holes in fences, scribe walls and scratch out rival tags..

 The chainsaw was given to me by a friend, who walked past it on the floor in the street and thought Hoaks could use that..After doubling back and picking it up, he brought it to me and it was a near perfect fit..After some minor adapting this found object became building block to what became "The Cutter"..


Standing 16cm tall and with plenty of articulation, this figure can be displayed in a number of ways.. I will be adding this to my store later today..This post will be updated once I have.. Thanks for looking...

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