Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dragons Custom Toy Show

    A few weeks back I was invited to take part in a custom toy show happening in Cardiff this August, hosted at The Sho Gallery...With proceeds raised going to the chosen charity DiabetesUk ..The man responsible for such a good thing is Andy Kelly @Zombiekel, and I was honoured to be invited in..

    The platform for the 36 chosen artists is the Kidrobot Kracka and, as it's going down in Wales, the theme fittingly set is Dragons...Click HERE to see the full line up...

   Andy's been doing a great job..He recently set up a DRAGONS TOY SHOW BLOG, which you should check out for more info and  progress shots of the dragons coming together..There's already some amazing customs being made, including the first finished one called Lambert  (below) by Rich Page of UME Toys..

Two more Dragons have been posted on the Dragons blog page.. Pictured below are customs by PJ Constable and Dr.Barbados..So far the finished 3 I've seen, and the progress shots of MAp MAp's and RunDMB's are all ridiculously good..Check them out for yourself !

This is PJ Constable's Dragon..Even if he wasn't 15 years old, this would still be a cool custom..Massive props!
Next up is Dr.Barbados's SMAUG with some amazing detail work, rocking a pair of shell toes..

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