Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Gundam Graff Bomber

  This is the newest addition to my Gundam Graff Bombers..Like the others before him, I assembled everything following detailed diagrams and Chinese instructions.There were literally hundreds of parts...After adapting and handpainting with a rusty look, I decided to make a war torn base to mount him on...
  Measuring 20cm tall from spike to toe, this figure can be posed in a number of ways due to having articulation in his shoulders,elbows,wrists,waist, ankles and knees.Whether blasting his cannon or just looking chilled with his weapon and shield at ease, this figure has plenty of options for display...

       I made the base out of a recycled blank CD tower, with other bits of twisted plastic and some rocks..
 This one off piece is signed on the back, and has just been added to my STORE for £79.99 plus postage..

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