Thursday, 17 May 2012

The New Dress - A Special Pleader graffiti custom

   "The New Dress" is my latest doctored painting, painted with acrylics over an old framed print.. This piece used to be called A Special Pleader and is quite a well known image.. (See below for how it used to look..)

    I painted out everything except the girl and her doll, and built up layers of my tags and throwups.. I wanted to make it look as though she had found a place where graffiti was, and had a go herself..She painted some hearts with some empty cans she found that were lying around.. It all ended in tears though as she got paint on her new dress, which her mom's not going to be happy about..
    This piece is available from my STORE, priced at £134.99 plus postage..

Prints are available too, at a fraction of the price, in loads of sizes and finishes from HERE.. 

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