Friday, 8 June 2012

Parental Consent - New pre graffalite..A Special Pleader part 3

   Not long after finishing my last Pre-graffalite, over a smaller version of this exact print, I found another bigger version in a local charity shop..I couldn't leave it there..I had to get it.. This one is much bigger than the previous, "The New Dress" and has a really nice chunky frame, which suits the picture well.
   Now featuring a girl, who tried out graffiti on her bedroom wall, without her parent's permission, and her innocent dog. This piece used to be known as "The Special Pleader"..The original is pictured above..This latest version is called "Parental Consent"..

     There are a few nice details I like in this piece.. Painting like a 6 year old in spray paint, using a brush was  harder than you'd think..Then painting in a realistic style is something I'm still learning.I'm happy with the roller propped up against the wall, and her doll, who clearly got forgotten about once the paints came out..There is also the piece she copied from on the floor, now with red paint on it, and the roller tray..

   This piece measures 74 x 56cm with a 4cm thick frame and is on sale from my ebay store for £139.00 plus postage..Click HERE to take a closer look..
   For more like this, take a look at the back catalogue of my Pre-Graffalites now in my new web site section..Prints are also possible..

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