Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SLOBLIFE - custom kidrobot trikky

   SLOBLIFE is my latest custom vinyl.. Made with the body of a Trikky, and a toy T.V set, I sculpted them together after some surgery and melting.. I decided to give him man boobs, tattoos and a sweaty, dirty look, making him the ultimate slob.. The T.V screen was made by laminating tiny prints that I made, and can be slid in the side of the T.V via a slot.. This used to be the Simpson's T.V, I didn't make it, but I did have to alter it for it to fit..

    I made 6 different screens or channels to change between.. One of them is blank, and can be written on in marker for the buyer to personalise with a message..They can also make an endless amount of their own screens, by cutting any image to that size..which is cool!

  He now stands about 14.5 cm tall due to the antenna that can turn, sticking out the top. His arms can be rotated too..

   He's got "your name" tattooed on his bum,  love on his knuckles and a tribal round his arm, as well as the SlobLife instead of ThugLife across his bulging belly..

This piece goes on sale at 8pm tonight GMT from my Bigcartel store priced at just £55.00 plus postage.Tune in then if you want him!

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