Monday, 8 October 2012

Thomas "the unbuffed" tank engine graffiti custom

Thomas "the unbuffed" tank engine is a one off custom model that I made by sculpting, melting,distressing and hand painting over an old model of Thomas that was found abandoned and left on the floor..

I decided to make him look how he might look after years of graffiti abuse and attacks, so I set to work beating him up and giving him a worn look...
After that I hand painted him with acrylics, before vandalising him with layers of my tags,throwups, rust and dirt ..

The base was made from bits of plastics I had gathered and found, and I used dried paint chippings to give it some texture before painting it with acrylics..

Measuring 16cm in length, 15cm tall, and is 9.5cm wide.. 

He has just been added to my Etsy store priced at £69.99 plus postage..


  1. hey, take this mental disorder down.

    1. There has to be a reason nobody has tagged this funny, interesting or cool.

    2. Shut up you cunt. It's ace!