Monday, 18 February 2013

hoakser maskedman can figure painted version 2

 Following the release of my first 20 blank resin casts, I have a few kept back for painting, and a few that went a bit wrong in the mold that I can repair and customize.. This is the 2nd painted version of the maskedman can I have finished..

Priced at £22.99 plus postage, head over to my store to take a closer look..There is only one available, with a few more different colour variants planned on being painted soon..

I have also had  the first few customs pictures sent in to me by some of you who bought blanks..It's cool and very interesting to see how people have painted there's..The competition I planned has had the deadline pushed back slightly to allow more people to finish there's.. Most wanted to keep there's blank, which is cool..those of you who don't want to paint yours can still enter by sending in a photograph of your maskedman can where it lives..please send your images to

More details and entries will be posted up soon..Thanks for looking!

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