Monday, 25 March 2013

VANDALFACE resin graffiti mini figure - first few available tonight

The first few versions of VANDALFACE are available tonight from my store.. Available in loads of different colourways.. Over the past few days I have been busy casting, sanding, painting, lacquering and packaging around 30 of these.. Most will be sent to the TOYS ARE US art show put together by Killerbootlegs and MonsterKolor at the Rockford Art Deli next month.          
The first few will be available tonight at 6pm UK time, and those who get in there first, will receive a chocolate version too..(pictured below) With a CHOZZLE for a head..

These figures are priced at £6.00 each, and come packaged with a sticker and a unique laminated art card..

I've made loads of versions of these already..There's a cleaner "less guilty" version with not much paint on him, and a "guilty" looking version covered in paint supplied with a clogged nozzle..

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