Friday, 19 April 2013

FROBOT kitbashed custom figure recycled parts mashup

    Frobot is a custom built figure made for a customer...The brief was to make an action figure that was a robot with an afro..Cyborg looking..I leaked some progress shots via my instagram, but now he's been collected by his owner, I can share with you the final product.

     This figure has articulation at the shoulders, elbows, hands and hips..He was made from a transformers body, with venom's arms, someone's head?, with some sculpting, an invader zim control panel, gundam parts, and some toy car bits..All sculpted or melted together, in a way to keep as much articulation as possible.

I'm told FROBOT  is to be used and incorporated into some album artwork..I'll keep you posted when that happens..

If anyone would like a custom built toy, made for them, or if you have any broken unwanted toys lying around, message me at maybe we could work something out...

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