Thursday, 27 March 2014


Exciting times...An idea that's been in the pipeline for years now, has been slowly coming together recently.. To cut a long story short, I'm more than likely going to try and put some resin variations of this kind of idea out at some point..Maybe of a Maskedman can, which was the original idea? Anyway, to raise money for this project, I have decided to put out a few one off versions..This is the first one.. Old Hycote..Sculpted over an old Hycote can, which fittingly was the first brand of spray paint I ever used.. good old Hycote!

With magnets set into the clay, his arms can be moved into different poses.. Not only that, the base he sits on acts as a pair of hips, so he can also be rotated too..

 You can see him in more detail in my Bigcartel store. Available at 6pm tonight GMT..Only available in the UK due to aerosol restrictions in transit.. Sorry!!

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