Thursday, 5 June 2014

6 inch Maskedman spray can

After maybe two years from when I first started working on what this now is, it's finally finished..I, like most people who create stuff, have loads of unfinished ideas that seemed good at 4 in the morning but made no sense the next..Or just stuff that seems to take forever to finish so sits for months in between being worked on... This started out as one of those, then became something I thought I might try and make into a resin piece, so never got round to finishing it...Then recently after moving house, I scrapped a lot of unfinished projects but decided to finish this guy and paint him up... So here it is.. A 6 inch tall Maskedman can with magnetically articulated arms...

This piece rattles if he gets shook... Unfortunately for that reason he cannot be sent overseas easily  due to aerosol restrictions in transit..please message me if you are overseas..
This custom piece can be found in my BigCartel store now.. 

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