Sunday, 17 August 2014


On the 4th of August, RCF1 (from Paris) and myself met for the first time and began to plan how we would tackle the project given to us by Brum Spirit..For the next week we would be transforming the front of People Stand Together (a club in Digbeth) with artwork that reflects on the meaning and the message of the venue and it's location..

Big thanks to Tessa of Brum Spirit for looking after us, making this happen, feeding us and the fun times.. Biggupp Pecka, Spekta and all the PST fam for the good times, support and big respect to RCF1 for making the journey and being part of this journey..I think we did good... Considering we had never met, let alone painted together, and also after some of the late nights enjoying ourselves at PST after painting hours..:)

Our new friends at Brum Territory stopped by a few times over the week and kindly put this short video together..

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