Saturday, 11 July 2015


Over the past few months, in between everything else, this sculpture mashup of my character and the legend that is Cheech wizard has slowly been coming together. And finally, I think he's ready to be made into a few more, so as of next week, that's what's going to happen!.. It'll be another week after that till the first batch are made, painted in classic Cheech colours and packaged. They will be extremely limited to probably no more than 15 but that's yet to be decided. Other trainer variations and colours have been thought about too..:)
The sculpt of this piece is pictured below, and is roughly 5 inches tall. It has 3 parts as the feet detach and will have magnets embedded into the resin once cast allowing the feet to be positioned so it stands well....

As if that wasn't going to keep me busy enough, there's also a Cheech'd Up Maskedman limited edition piece available to pre order for the next 7 days from the store..(pictured below)

Available to pre order from my Bigcartel store for just £35.00 and if you purchase one of these it automatically enters you into a prize draw to win a MaskedCheech featured above.. for free! or if you don't win, you'll be sent a unique discount code for you to use on getting one for slightly less dosh..
Head over to the store to check out both pieces in more detail or if you have any questions feel free to get in touch at or
follow me for progress on Instagram @hoakser
 on Twitter @hoaksergraffiti.. 

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