Tuesday, 29 March 2016


New in the store this week is this gang of unique custom mashups made with recycled toy parts, found objects and modelling clay.. Each one is a unique hand painted character with no articulation, all freestyled sculpts with no plans to what they might be, until they've been made..These latest four new models all have wires connecting their hearts to their heads and they are all available individually from my Bigcartel store, priced between £20 and £25 each.. Check them out below or click the links to view them in more detail in store..

This guy, 'From The Heart' sprays whatever he feels and it all comes from deep inside.. Standing 3 inches tall this grimy looking dude has clearly been busy getting up and isn't ready to stop yet.

'Don't Think Feeel' was cobbled together and ended up in a weird Bruce Lee looking stance so that's how I painted him. Trained in the art of fighting without fighting, this guy gets up faster than the eyes can see and makes it look easy.. Must be all the training and zen like focus he's acquired over the years..

 This guilty pirate looking vandal 'Me Heartys' has sailed the seven seas for no reason other than to write his name in places people might see it..

The guilty looking 3.5 inch tall 'Just Done It' , is wearing his favorite Nike swoosh top and now balling in the store after getting up around town.

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