Sunday, 15 May 2016


Those of you who know me personally, probably know how I'm not a fan of having a camera pointed at me...A few weeks ago I was contacted by a film crew on behalf of Ebay who wanted to feature me and my work for a short video..After figuring I'd regret not doing it as the exposure would be good, I agreed and braved the lens..My Ebay store's back up and running with a new store name (hoakserdotcom_1) and the video is now up on YouTube for you to check out. 
Biggupps to Panda for hookin up the spot and making an appearance. Proud to rep for my city, hopefully I come across like I sometimes know what I'm doing! Thanks to Jo, Josh and Dave for their camera skills and patience.. Here's what they came up with to showcase some of what I do.. LINK

smile emoticProud to rep for my city!!

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