Thursday, 22 June 2017


This is a 7 inch custom Kidrobot Foomi.. Once a plain vinyl toy, now a creature with a massive top set of gnashers..  It's OK though, he doesn't bite...Although he probably would if he could! Every time he's tried in the past his little bottom lip always gets in the way so it's almost impossible for him to get a grip on anything.. The best he could probably do is a little downward scrape which would probably tickle a little bit and feel quite nice.. 

This is an original one of a kind sculpted thingy who's little head and arms can still be turned and positioned to make him look more or less adorable.Pictured below is how he looked before painting.

One last picture of him next to his friend The UnCute..   If you'd like to own one of these customs, both of them are currently available in my Bigcartel store here. 

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