Sunday, 27 August 2017


It's been a busy month and a bit since anything got posted on the blog..Lots of time and paints have been used up on various projects and one of a kind stuffs, including this one on canvas..Based loosely from a rough scribble in the book of one of those drippy no faced characters that have been in development lately.. This latest canvas measures 80x60cm and was painted over several sessions, some of them really late into the night / early morning..

Pictured above is the the very start of this piece. Dog was there to not help make any decisions but he looked happy enough with how it was going. Most things tend to get worked out as paint dries and layers build up.. It wasn't until some fluorescent neon green got added into the mix (below) that things really started to take shape..

Lots of hours and many layers of paint later it was decided it was finally finished. Things are learnt with every painting and with this one I learned that blending neon green paint with a brush is pretty difficult, especially into certain colors like red..There are lots of little details in this piece and it took a while to smudge paint around in all the right places to create some sort of lighting.As I mentioned above this style of no faced character is a recent development for me and I'm happy with the direction they're going in.

Amazingly, after posting up some finished pictures on social media it got a really good reaction and was sold to a fellow graffiti writer who's work I admire, which was really cool!! Plus this meant I could pay Dog his cat treat tokens as promised for doing nothing at all, so he was well happy too. 

All of this happened a few weeks ago now and several messages have come in since then about this piece.. So because of that there are now a small run of 25 A3 prints available.. If you'd maybe like one of those, head over to the

Thanks for looking.. As always, more stuff coming soon!

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