Thursday, 24 January 2019


A fresh batch of resin cast creations have been slowly getting cobbled together and completed on the paint bench lately.. These 5 figures stand approximately 20cm tall and combine hand cast resin parts with additional sculpture, bringing everything together and also adding a few extra details. Each one is a unique version with no articulation and has been painted with acrylics before finishing with a gloss lacquer..

Whilst painting these 2 Wu versions, it dawned on me that this character turns 20 years old this year, with the first one being scribbled on paper in 1999, wearing the legendary Wu Tang hoodie..
For me personally, making figures of this character is why I started to teach myself sculpting all those years ago., because I wanted to own one myself  for some reason? The thought that these plastic/resin forms will outlive any versions of this character I've sprayed onto a wall over the years is one of the main things that appeals to me about making more permanent work such as these.

If you'd like to own one of these statues, they are currently up for sale in my etsy store HERE along with this 18cm tall nozzle headed VandalFace figure pictured below.....

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