Wednesday, 25 July 2018


This weekend I'll be spraying some paint at Upfest (Europe's largest graffiti and street art festival) in Bristol..  I've been allocated a space at Ashton Gate Stadium so if you're going, that's where I'll be doing my thing so come and say hi... Check out the Upfest website to see the huge line up of artists involved and any other info you might want to know..

For a bit of fun, I'll be dropping these 20 drawings I scribbled on card in random places around the streets of Upfest, with the hope that people will find them and pick them up..Each scribble comes bagged with stickers so keep your eyes peeled for one of these! I'll be dropping clues where some of them get left Instagram @hoakser

If you do find one please post a pic on Instagram #hoakser #upfest 

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