Sunday, 12 August 2018


Following on from my last bloggy thing, here's what I painted at Upfest, and a quick ramble about what fun I had..For a few weeks leading up to the event the UK had nothing but sunshine and blue skies, but all that changed on the Saturday morning of day one when it decided to turn wet and windy..Day two was forecast as the same, if not worse, so I focused on getting mine up and done as fast as possible. 
As usual I didn't have a solid plan of what to paint before I got there, so decided to paint what I thought would be possible before it rained. The Simpsons and Posca sponsored the event so I wanted to include them somehow. I also wanted to put up some letters, my masked character, a drippy face character, a sculpted can like the ones I had for sale there and put Dog (my cat) in somewhere too..After about 5 hours (with a break in between, while the nice staff put my boards back up due to stupid wind taking them down) I'd squished it all in and was done just before the heavy rain came to put an end to play on day one.

On day two I took the time to walk around and see most of the other artworks being created all over Bedminster for the festival..There was some really nice stuff getting painted up. Most of my favourite stuff to look at was work that was painted freehand..There was a lot of people using stencils, and if I'm honest I expected to see a bit more graffiti and a bit less street art than I did..It was way more fun to watch people painting freehand than people sticking masking tape up and trying to stop the wind ripping their stencils..Nothing against stencil work, I did see a few good ones, they just don't really do it for me.
Anyway, whilst walking about I dropped those 20 free sketch card sticker packs ( from the previous post ) around for people to find and started getting found it posts on Instagram almost immediately.

After a bit of that I went and dropped a quick painting on this freight container thing, which made my bag home slightly lighter..

Big thanks to the Upfest crew for having me! Shoutouts to all the artists who did their thing and to everyone else who was there too.. Check out the Upfest website for more info and the #upfest2018 hashtag on Instagram for lots of pictures of the event..

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