Monday, 24 June 2019

LATE NIGHTER - character study on canvas

More paint sprays and brush strokes that have just dried recently due to some late night painting....This little alley way scene on canvas measures 35cm x 36cm an has a mixture of metallic and fluorescent paints used in the background.. Different lights change how these mixtures look as the gold reflects the light and the neon orange appears more vibrant against it (something that has been experimented with in recent paintings)..Developed from a rough scribble in the sketch book (pictured below), this study has a bit more detail than the original pen drawing but has retained some of it's looseness which is a look that increasingly pleases me.. Therefore plans to paint more of these smaller scale paintings that are born from scribbles are already being thought about, which doesn't usually happen...

As usual... this one is for sale and if you'd like this one up on your wall, it's currently available from the ebay store (here)..

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