Friday, 7 June 2019


An idea I'd been toying around with for a while happened recently in the form of one of these anonymous no face characters ..Having painted quite a few of them by now, I wanted to see what one of these drippy faced characters would look like as a figure, so I started sculpting a head...It sat unfinished on the side for a few months until not too long ago, when it was added to with more clay, poked around with tools for a bit and given a resin cast body..Once the sculpting and sanding prep was done, it was undercoated ready for paint and photographed...

Standing 7.5 inches tall this piece is the first attempt / prototype for one of these characters in 3d form.. The head is an original sculpted piece that connects to the body and held in place with embedded magnets.. The body and arms are solid chunk of hand cast resin from the MaskedMan version 3 sculpt ( who also made an appearance on the hoodie - painted with a tiny brush in acrylics..) The little face mask on his hat looks suspiciously similar to my ceramic pieces and sculpted spray cans, which is probably another boring fact, but there you have it...

This character (like most of my others) was made mainly so it could take up space somewhere and represent.. If you happen to have space for such a thing you can currently find it in the Etsy store here among other things that do the same thing but look completely different..

Thanks for looking!!

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