Friday, 27 May 2011


    Earlier this year i was asked to be part of the "Heavy metal qee project". This is a group of UK based designers and artists who will be using the 8" Qee platform to create their own interpretation.. The brief was HEAVY METAL..
After staring at the blank for a week or so, I made a start with a rough idea to do a take on MICKEY MOUSE and the IRON MAIDEN mascot EDDIE..

    I didn't bother planning it too much, that kinda takes the fun out of it for me.. I started slappin on modeling clay, sculpting, then the ideas started kicking in..
    I had to work in sections so it had drying times because I wanted the head and arms to still be poseable, which they are..I also had to work the night shifts on this one so I'm not too sure how long it took.. Long enough though, and that was before I started the paint job..
    After smoothing everything off and cleaning up, i got the brushes out.. I'm more comfortable painting than sculpting, so I had fun with this one..Its amazing what a bit of colour can do..After a few sessions I was nearly happy. I customised his top with the HMQ logo and painted a sewn on HOAX Iron Maiden style patch, with the Disney logo in a hoakser masked man mask..
    Some brain juice was added (pva glue) and he was done..

Big thanks to DAN PERRY for gettin me involved..
Looking forward to the gathering /  exhibition at the end of the year.. And to seeing what everyone else comes up with..A list of the artists and sneak peeks can be seen here.
I'm amazed and honoured to be part of this, there are some seriously good artists in the line up, I just hope Mickqee can hold his own..

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