Wednesday, 8 June 2011



As a graffiti artist, empty cans are something I have loads of..A few years ago I started using my emptys as something to work on..My first few cans were of my masked man character painted in acylics..I liked the look of them, sold them and have carried on doing them ever since..
    They aren't the easiest objects to work on due to limited space and awkward shape. Most of my character cans are freestyled in paint pen drawn straight onto the cans. My drawing and painting on curved surface techniques have improved a lot since I started..

    They seem to sell quite well and I have a few people that now collect them, which encourages me to keep them coming..They look even better the more you have too..


    Looking at how many I've actually done over the years baffles me..I dont know an exact number, must be close to a thousand empty cans, maybe more..All used and recycled into models. To think that there sat all over the place, in different countries is cool..They are all signed, so right now my name is sat on someones t.v in Spain, or in a display cabinet in New York, that just makes me do more..
    Each set or can is unique, no 2 cans are the same ever. Prices vary depending on time spent per can.. I try to have a range of prices as some cans are more detailed than others..

I sell them mainly through my ebay store and my etsy store, links can be found on the right of this blog.


Personalised cans are available with your name of choice.. Just like these ones..
 Thanks to anyone who has bought my cans, I have photographs of most of them so will have to tally them up soon. I'd love to know where some of them have ended up, send me photographs if possible please..

   Loads more coming all the time, check my etsy store and ebay links... thanks.. Keep Britain Tidy! 

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