Friday, 10 June 2011


 After finishing my  IRON MICKQEE MAIDEN entry for the Heavy Metal Qee project, I couldn't wait to get another custom going with some new skills I'd acquired. I started doing this last week and worked on him for a few hours most nights. As with most of my work, it's not too planned out, I try to work freestyle, so once I'd started sculpting his face the ideas started coming.

 For some reason, the qee bear I had to begin with looked odd. I think it had two left arms. I decided to make one his leg and have him sitting down. His "strong arm" was raided from my random bits of toy drawer along with his gun, which is from a different toy but fits into this hand perfectly with a finger on the trigger.
After hours of sculpting, thinking and looking he started to take shape.
I kept it so his head and small arm are still poseable and can be rotated.
Some other details to look for include his boobs,nipples,spots, nappy, and split head..
The paint job only took two sessions, one of them was a long one, until just after 4 in the morning. I added extra detail and character in the paint work.. These include some stiches, yellowing teeth, tattoos, stained nappy, cracked lips and a nike swoosh on the trainer.


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