Friday, 7 October 2011

cctv munny -

    This is my latest custom I've just finished working on.. Made with a munny body, a replica cctv camera, some altering and a rusty paint job, he is now ready to walk the streets where he belongs..
    I made 2 of these a while ago, one I sold blank, the other I kept, until a few days ago he was unpainted.. I have signed him on one side of his face, and on the other I wrote "most dominant speciez".. With all the surveliance cameras around these days, soon they might be..MDS is also my crew that I put up when I paint..

The light on the camera still  flashes, (there is a new battery inside, this should last a year maybe even two, as my other one did)

He stands about 18cm tall and is a one off..

He is now up for sale in my bigcartel store ... also comes with the cctv sign I made, printed on card...

thanks for looking.. and thanks to Spankystokes and Toysrevil for covering this on their blogs too...

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