Monday, 24 October 2011


   After two solid weeks of painting on canvas,boards, framing pictures,getting prints and all the rest of it ready for my exhibition, ( which I will post about later) , I decided to make a few more of these while I relaxed and sat watching movies.
   My first one, which wasn't on sale for long, got snapped up by the cool people of tru:teknology and they even wrote me a nice article on their blog, before I'd even posted the item out....big thanks to them,. you can read this here..

Here are a few snaps of numbers 2 and 3... number 4 is almost ready too, he'll be announced in a couple of days.. they are about to go up for sale in my BIGCARTEL store for £29.99.. thats about 48 U.S dollars..

Figure stands about 13 cm tall
Lightweight but strong plastic..put together and modified by me.
handpainted with a rusty worn effect, ready to go and bomb the sytem with new york fat cap faces..
Arms legs and feet are slightly poseable from shoulder, hip and ankle joints.. they are models and not toys..

Thanks for looking...

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