Tuesday, 3 January 2012

first piece for the year.

   It's all slowly getting back to normal now after the Christmas and New year madness...(phew) I hope everyone had a good one...Big thanks to all who showed support / bought something or helped me out last year..It's very much appreciated!! thankyou again..
   I've had a nice few days off, chilled out with family and friends and am feeling fully charged, ready to get busy for another year..I've been working on a few new toy customs - coming soon, painting a new canvas and doing plenty of sketching- in between eating, drinking and watching crap t.v....

   Today I went and got probably too much fresh air, whilst painting my first 2012 piece next to my good friend FLUID...It was windy, cold and rainy, we battled on and painted as quick as we could..The weather definately wasn't on our side so we finished up after abandoning once before to take shelter..

It would have been nice to have spent longer on it..My outline was from a sketch I drew in 2008.Parts of this I might try and combine with the wrong 3d's I've been painting in my pieces lately..It's a good start for 2012 though, plenty more walls, toys and customs to come..Happy New Year everybody.. keep an eye out for things to come...

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