Sunday, 8 January 2012


    Here's something new that I've been working on recently. Just finished are my latest creations, the sort of thing I wish I had when I was a kid. I made these by adapting wrestling figures into these one of a kind graff models..I acquired the figures a while ago after finding them in a skip, and held onto them knowing I'd try and make them into something.. I finally got round to it and made them both at the same time...Introducing the DOMINANT SPECIES...

   After switching the heads for nozzles, I began the burning and punishing of toys.. (something as a graffiti artist I always try to do.) After inhaling plastic fumes for a bit, I had the idea of including a flow pipe / wire from the nozzle to either their guts or hearts, so that whatever comes from the nozzle, comes from inside..
    I painted them with acrylics after undercoating, and built up the worn battered look I wanted.. The first one was given a pair of classic union jack pants..The second was given a pair of red Y fronts which he likes..Both of them are rocking Nikes on their feets and have moveable joints from their elbows, wrists, shoulders and knees.Midway through the paint job I had other ideas for more crazy underwear - maybe with matching footwear? More coming soon!!





     Each figure stands 16 cm tall and is signed by me.. They will be for sale soon and will come with a certificate of authenticity and a sketch..Details to be announced.. If you would like a heads up when they will be released drop me an email at ..

I made a short video of all the photographs I took whilst putting these together.To watch it click HERE.

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